Traditional painting

For your interior work: painting on plaster, floated and sprayed plaster, floated paint, decorative paint, sprayed paint (multi-tone, ingrain straw, dispersion, enamels), lime paint as well as all types of wallpapers.

©Amir Korour

Mineral paint

Faded lime paint

Natural and ecological finishing plaster, both decorative and protective. Faded lime plaster has excellent vapor permeability, it is naturally bactericidal and anti-mold. It achieves an aesthetic and finely rustic appearance characterized by moiré and transparencies of yesteryear.


©Amir Korour


Ancestral natural and ecological finishing plaster. Its waterproof nature allows it to be applied both indoors and outdoors. Soft and fine with ripples, it has the particularity of being shod with a river pebble and being treated with black soap to acquire its final appearance.

©Amir Korour


Natural and ecological finish based on fatty lime paste. The coating used indoors on smooth substrates, it can be tinted with natural pigments (earth, lacquered colors, oxides) or universal quality dyes for deep or pastel tones.

©Amir Korour

Old-fashioned patina

Give an old character to what is not. Crumpled, sponged, brushed, an ancestral technique mastered for a traditional rendering indoors and outdoors.


Faux stone, faux marble, gilding, silver plating … as you wish.